This week I am thankful about : Sleep

What are you thankful about this week?


Actually today, I am thankful I got a good sleep. It refreshed me before  working again over the week. And I thank God that He gives me enough time of rest during weekends.

I was reminded of these notes I once read from a book,

“According to numerous studies, the average person needs approximately 8 hours of sleep in order to maintain health. This tells me that God has designed humanity to spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping. This is stunning thought. We were made to spend a large portion of our existence essentially doing nothing. The failure to do so results in damage to physical health , loss of energy and decreased productivity.”

“We cannot neglect the body in pursuit of our spiritual growth.”

“We must do something, but we rely on God to provide what is needed in order to change. Sleep is a perfect example of the combination of discipline and grace. You cannot make yourself sleep. You cannot force your body to sleep. Sleep is an act of surrender. It is a declaration of trust. It is admitting that we are not God (who never sleeps) , and that is good news. We cannot make ourselves sleep, but we can create the conditions necessary for sleep.”- The Good and Beautiful God, James Bryan Smith

I found the importance of sleeping not only for physical health but on spiritual also thus if there’s a chance that I could take an 8 hour sleep, I’d grab that time.


What about you? What are you thankful about this week?

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